Sunday 1st of March
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Venue: All Saints Church Hall, 8 Downshire Square, RG1 6NN, Reading, Berkshire
Subject: Nhat-Nam health practises; Use of Nhat-Nam in daily life

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

World Health Organization

Aim: To understand core health elements and importance of each of them, to learn methods and Nhat-Nam practices that will help to improve health and well being in daily life.

This seminar is dedicated for obtaining information about the core elements of health. How health and well-being is dependent on each other as well as how Nhat-Nam can help to improve your health and support your daily life activities:

 Health and its core elements
 Core elements as health dependencies
 Conflicts, stress and other destructive means
 Nhat-Nam health practises
 Nhat-Nam As You Go
 Harmony in life

Earlier or later, every individual comes to the question of health. Some people may question it as they born whereas some may never think about it until they are retired. However, what unites every single person to conclude is that health is the most important and expensive mean that any human being can have. Moreover, if you do not, there simply will be no life, as we understand it. Many people will imply the meaning of health under the physical condition; some will also mention mental and social well-being. They are all right and the universal truth is that you cannot be healthy if one or the other is not good. To make sure it is all good we need to have life without conflicts, stress and uncomfortable situations. Unlikely not many people are able to do that in the current lifestyle. Most of us live in such a busy environments that if we even do not stress, the influence of our surroungings will affect us anyway.

This seminar specifically designed to refresh the importance of health, to understand how negative impact of stressful situations can affect us and get familiar with Nhat-Nam health practises plus exercises on the go – all this will be explained and demonstrated by master Petras Golovach in this unique set of seminars “Nhat-Nam for Life”.