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Nhat Nam taught me great skills to keep my body fit, great defending techniques to protect myself and my family in a difficult situations and great techniques to control and keep my mind calm which is very important in these busy lives. I am so happy to be part of Nhat Nam family.

Krishna Na
Krishna Na30 Year Old Student

Nhat Nam improves you in every single way and helps to focus on what you do. It improves your body strength and flexibility, coordination – such as sensing without looking and focusing on everything you do. It improves the way you think and also you get to meet new people.

Mateusz Darowsky
Mateusz Darowsky13 Years Old Student

I would recommend these classes because here you can learn how your body works and how to control it. Training makes me stronger, more flexible and healthier. I also feel less pain in my back and safer on the streets.

Vlada Filipova16 Years Old Student